2022 Winter Classic Breaks Coldest

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – In the state of Minnesota, bitter chilly comes with the territory. But even the temperatures on New Year’s Day look to shatter NHL Winter Classic data.

“We really do feel we will be part of the coldest NHL game ever and certainly one of the coldest days ever in professional sports,” mentioned NHL Chief Content Officer Steve Mayer.

The earlier outside NHL report was set in 2003 when it was zero levels. Saturday’s temperatures dropped nicely under zero. To attempt to preserve the followers, employees and gamers protected, organizers added extra medical groups, heated the participant’s benches and penalty bins, and even the ice itself to maintain it in fine condition.

“The stadium is incredible in terms of having areas to get warm so we are pretty confident people will leave and feel warm because it’s going to be a great day,” Mayer mentioned.

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The excessive chilly may trigger frostbite in lower than half-hour, consultants say.

“People need to be aware when they start getting symptoms. You start feeling your hands and feet cold and then when they are numb and tingly and you can’t feel them anymore, that’s when you need to get yourself in a safer situation,” mentioned St. Cloud Hospital Dr. Scott Cline.

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While toasty meals or drinks may preserve individuals warn, Dr. Cline mentioned alcohol may make issues worse.

“You don’t realize you’re in trouble and get yourself in situations where you don’t seek shelter appropriately,” Dr. Cline mentioned.


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