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Living in Prince Albert, Sask., means sub-zero temperatures and blizzards are a part of life.

This yr the primary snow fell in October. There possible be flakes on the bottom till the top of March. But Harmony Johnson-Harder says she tries not to have a look at the temperature and even the forecast, as a result of she will be able to’t change it. Instead, she merely bundles up and retains her physique shifting. 

“The cold weather helps us appreciate the cozy simple things,” mentioned Johnson-Harder.

Johnson-Harder is a Cree-Métis artist and yoga teacher, and a member of the Montreal Lake Cree Nation. She just lately completed the Indigenous Yoga Association’s coaching and began her enterprise, Down to Earth Expressive Arts and Yoga.

She’s created a five-minute out of doors yoga apply video in collaboration with CBC’s Creator Network.

The strikes are centered on respiratory, stretching and elongating the backbone. The routine is for anybody who needs to attach with nature, and chill out their thoughts and physique on a busy day.

“When we concentrate on our breath, and the posture, and each muscle or bone, we start to become present in the moment. It helps us slow down our thoughts about all the things we ‘should’ be doing, or that constant chatter in our minds,” Johnson-Harder mentioned. “The movements help us recognize where we are carrying the stress in our bodies, and give us a moment to take care of it, to relax it.”

As for doing yoga outdoors within the snow, she says blankets are higher suited than yoga mats, which may freeze and get ruined. Layers of clothes are finest relying on the temperature, alongside with mitts to maintain your fingers heat and dry. Johnson-Harder normally wears mukluks on her toes as a result of they’ve versatile soles.

Johnson-Harder says you do not want loads of expertise to strive the strikes in this video.

“The practice of yoga is not a competition, and its very personalized. It’s about what you can do,” she mentioned. “Practising simple postures that feel good in your body is the only thing you need to be good at. That’s it.”

WATCH| Try the 5-minute winter yoga apply 

Try the 5-minute winter yoga apply

1 month in the past

Duration 4:58

Yoga Instructor Harmony Johnson-Harder teaches a brief yoga routine specializing in respiratory and standing tall. Shot and edited by videographer Julianna Maggrah in Prince Albert, in collaboration with CBC’s Creator Network. 4:58

The yoga positions themselves are like these you’d see in a studio anyplace on this planet, however Johnson-Harder says taking the coaching by way of the Saskatchewan Indigenous Yoga Association was particular as a result of she was in a bunch of people that understood one another and the place they got here from.

Johnson-Harder is the proprietor of Down to Earth Expressive Arts and Yoga. (Submitted by Harmony Johnson-Harder)

She says yoga, in its complete kind, can also be just like her understanding of her personal Indigenous beliefs.

Saskatchewan Weekend10:31Outdoor yoga in winter

Harmony Johnson-Harder finds peace and tranquility taking her yoga apply outside, irrespective of the climate. She explains the enjoyment of winter yoga to host Shauna Powers whereas offering some sensible suggestions for others trying to benefit from the apply. 10:31

“It’s about honouring and respecting, it’s about taking moments in stride, and being the best human you possibly can be in your community,” Johnson-Harder mentioned. “When we can live in the moment, we are far better at being kind and respectful people who are listening to understand, as opposed to responding and reacting.

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